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AQMS Auditor Authentication

Confidence and reliance in the Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) audit process depends on the competence of those conducting the audit, and those making certification and registration decisions that support the AQMS audit programs. AQMS auditor competence is based on the demonstration of personal attributes, and the ability to apply (AQMS) knowledge and skills gained through education, work experience, auditor training, and audit experience.

For the Americas, the IAQG has established the Registration Management Committee (RMC) to manage the application and oversight of the AQMS certification scheme in the Americas. The RMC approves, as appropriate, Auditor Authentication Body(s) (AABs) that authenticate AQMS auditors. The authentication of auditors to AQMS standards is granted by the AAB in accordance with the requirements of 9104/1 and 9104/3.

Probitas Authentication is an RMC recognized Auditor Authentication Body and has been approved by the RMC to authenticate AQMS auditors in accordance with the certification scheme requirements. Probitas Authentication is committed to maintaining a high-level of customer service, accuracy, thoroughness, and integrity within an industry that has safety as a first priority, is focused on the customer, and fosters continual improvement. This section of the website relates to the AQMS auditor authentication process and the established requirements.

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